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Video Lessons

Home School

Lessons cycle through multiple subjects to give our students a well rounded educational experience. We offer video lessons for K-5 and 6 -12 grade levels as well as those with special needs in the same categories, so they can learn at their own pace without feeling left out or behind!

There are many benefits to using videos lessons. Using a fun and inclusive format in which all types of learners have access will foster an exciting learning experience for any child! Check out some samples below or watch our full library here .

General STEM Videos

In this amazing chemistry experiment, students learn about the properties of surface science. Using milk, food coloring, soap, and water, students will watch as the surface tension is broken and the materials are magically mixed together! 

TinkerCad Videos

Special Needs

At, we use a free program called TinkerCad to teach computer aided 3D design techniques. Our TinkerCad lesson library takes a student through the very basics in 3D design to more advanced techniques. TinkerCad is used extensively in some of our challenges and modules and is considered a gateway to 3D printing. Our students have routinely designed and printed their own creations for several years.​

This project comes from our section dedicated to students with special needs. In the STEM world, students with special needs are often left behind and we have created a section specifically for them so that they may have a voice and prosper equally. This easy to perform experiment teaches students how to make colorful salt crystals.

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